The danger of
democracy is that each segment might vote benefits for itself to the harm of the rest.

Alexis de Tocqeville


We are South Poway residents: homeowners, apartment dwellers, mobile home residents, affordable housing residents and other
concerned citizens.


The mission of the South Poway Residents Association is to protect and preserve a high quality of life for all Poway Residents, with our primary focus on South Poway.

We plan to accomplish this by:
  • Facilitating communication between the City Council and
    South Poway residents in matters that pertain to South Poway.   
  • Keeping residents informed.
  • Organizing efforts to support our mission.  
  • Getting together to share concerns and solutions.         

Reminder - All Poway Wal-Mart EIR concerns must be turned in to the City Clerk by July 20th,

  According to a July 11th union-tribune editorial, the 16 law-abiding tax-paying
citizens of Poway who voiced concerns about the walmart expansion are all
"ANGRY ANTI-CAPITALISTIC NIMBY'S" , basically saying (and I'm saying this
in my own words) that we should worship walmart as the savior of mankind and
how DARE anybody try to stand in their way.
-- Webmaster

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